Brian Faldasz, Field Service Director

Brian FaldaszHi I'm Brian, one of the owners of About-Face Computer Solutions.

I've been doing computer stuff since I was a kid (and that was a long time ago!), sometime in the early 1970s. Yeah, that was before PCs, or Macs, or any of the rest of the cool stuff we've got today.

I've worked in roles ranging from computer operations through systems programming and to the techy chores of troubleshooting and repairing computers and networks. My jobs in prior lives had me in places like biomedical R&D shops, biotech companies, and an electronic cash register company. I've also been a janitor, a dad, and a corporate executive. (Those are not listed in order of importance!)

I've been doing computer and network repair for about the past 15 years, and been able to watch both Apple and Microsoft routinely come out with great systems followed by pieces of crap. (OK, now you know what I think of Windows 10!)

I got into the repair business because it would let me help demystify computer technology for people that have to use it every day, and give me the chance to make peoples' lives a little better. I believe the computer technology we must use every day is just a tool, and not an end in itself. So the more transparent the technology is, the better for those of us that have to use it.

I also like to teach people about their systems, how I fix them, and how to use them effectively, so that using the computer becomes less of a chore and more of a help in our daily lives.

These approaches are at the heart of About-Face's customer experience. When I partnered with co-owner Veronica, I did so because both she and I have similar approaches to working with people and their computers. We try to offer easy, clear explanations of what's going on with your system, and what it will take to get it working correctly. We also routinely assess the cost of repair vs. the value of your system, to be sure you are making wise repair decisions. Finally, we try to advise you on how to avoid issues, from fake websites claiming that your system is infected, to emails that are out to steal your information.

With all of the big companies that seem to be out for themselves, we at About-Face are on your side, trying to make your computer experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.